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Early adopters, first followers and the masses

  • Workplace Strategy
Vincent le Noble

Vincent le Noble is our Founder & CEO. Contact him via

The current workplace status quo seems chaotic. No one knows what the future will look like when it comes to the evolution of the workplace and the office specifically. Of course, we hear many professionals and experts about their expectations, vision, and beliefs. And I must say, some of them make great sense too. But when we speak to our customers there is always this ‘holding back’ feeling we get. We know change is inevitable, but how will it look like? We need brave souls, pioneers, and daredevils!

Early adopters

Knowing that change is inevitable is a great base for steps to take. But it takes bold decisions, strong believes, and leadership to make it work. Supported by data we can quickly change, adapt, and manage to concur challenges that lay ahead. Our biggest workplace asset is of course the workforce our employees, our clients, the end-users. Tapping into their behaviour, feelings, needs, and wishes will provide steering information to support your bold decisions.

First Followers

Acknowledging those Early Adopters by sharing their findings, making them visible within the community will provide a breeding ground for others to grow too. Sharing case studies helps people understand the change and learn new ways of doing things. Learning from each other starts with thrust and that thrust can be reached by being open and objective. It takes guts to thrust something or someone new and follow them. In the end, it will become a movement, a transition, a change in the way we look at the workplace.

The Masses

It only takes a First Follower to start a trend, not just a fresh idea or just one person to do something new. It takes followers to create a movement. And a movement to reach the Masses. Only a few of the initiatives will make it through to the masses. Some initiatives will be successful but without a steady group of followers those leads won’t be valued for their worth, unfortunately. The ones who will end up in the history books as examples of great change, vision, and leadership! We are here to support those First Followers and Early Adopters. Through our broad range of partners, we can share insights into interventions on workplace improvement. We are among the first to acknowledge the importance of the human factor. Guiding and supporting steps along the Workplace Maturity Model is part of our Way of Working for the last four years. Tapping into the greatest asset of organisations is just the next big thing. Data-driven Employee Engagement to support Workplace Analytics. Are you ready to follow and stay in the lead?

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