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Habital® Remote monitors the health and satisfaction of employees working from home during COVID-19

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We will use Habital® Remote to map the behaviour and satisfaction of employees in an organisation. Who, at the moment, are forced to work from home due to the Corona crisis. Habital Remote is a special edition of our existing solution Habital®. Questions regarding the quality of the workspace at home and the health of the employee have been added to Habital Remote.

How does Habital Remote work?

Habital Remote contains two parts. The first part is an online survey with over 20 short questions. Registration is possible at The answers to these questions give insights into employees demographics, such as age, gender, and personality traits. Their preferences for workspace and the types of activities they do on a daily basis. A profile is created based on the answers to these questions. Answering these questions will take just five minutes. For the second part, the employee can download the Habital smartphone app or use the browser-based interface to register to the research group. Every research group has its own, unique access code, belonging to his/her organisation.

The employee will then receive a notification twice a day at a random time to answer a few short questions like: Are you working from home or on leave/sick. Which activity are you doing at this moment? How well are you able to do this activity? You get questions about facility improvements (light, sound, indoor climate, etc.), about digital workplace support (internet, access to specific software applications, support by VC, etc.) and what hinders you from doing your work optimally (do you have physical or mental health complaints?). It will take only a few seconds to answer these questions, which is of minimal distraction to the employee.

What does Habital Remote yield?


Habital Remote gives insights to the employee on their own answers and how the answers relate to other employees. It also creates awareness that leads to the initial optimisation of the working environment.


Habital Remote gives the organisation access to dashboards in a BI platform. The Measuremen Portal shows how the organisation experiences working from home and how that experience develops over time. In addition, the questions about facilities and health will provide insight into possible FM and HR barriers, so they can be resolved. These questions can also detect group-specific trends so that they can offer tailor-made solutions. For example to certain generations and/or employee profiles. In an office environment, a representative target group is valid as a representative data set. In this way, an organisation can improve its workplace strategy with Habital. On the other hand, Habital Remote is about improving the home working strategy, including the associated facilities and creating extra involvement with employees.


Habital Remote is distinctive from other survey tools because it does not retrieve data once, but checks in twice a day for a longer period of time. This makes Habital Remote not a one-off questionnaire, but a questionnaire with sampling, which is scientifically proven to provide more valid results with deeper insights. It gives HR and FM the possibility to make daily adjustments via the dashboard because new data is available twice a day. Seeing that its history is also available, they can also identify trends. Habital® Remote also offers the possibility to compare yourself as an organisation with peers, both nationally and internationally. Furthermore, international organisations can compare establishments in different countries. For this reason, Habital® Remote is available in all languages and works simultaneously across all time zones.

What does it cost?

Habital Remote is available in a free version, where every participant gets access to the smartphone app and online edition. As a participant, you will be aware of your own behaviour. Additionally, you will gain insights from the rest of the online community of homeworkers participating in the global research initiative. Companies can also apply this solution in their own organisation from € 2,000.00. This gives them access to the Habital® Remote dashboards with unique insights into the health and satisfaction of their home workers over a longer period of time.

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