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Know what you measure in the workplace

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Here at Measuremen we measure the workplace and how organisations use work environments. We do it through different technologies. Currently, a method that is often in the news is measuring automatically through sensors. They deliver nearly real-time data over a long period of time, presenting a detailed view of the occupancy. But, does this method also present the insights that you need to support your real estate plan? Hereby are some points to keep in consideration that can help you further:

What do I have?

Before you measure occupancy in the workplace, it is important to know what resources are available. The state in which they are. In our experience, such information is typically not available. Therefore, prior to creating a business case, it is essential to make a workplace asset inventory of your current resources.

How do I use it?

Sensors are useful if you want to know when these places are being used over a long period of time. To ensure physical working environments meet the needs of the users. It is essential to know how these are being used. A workplace occupancy study is the fastest and most cost-efficient way to measure both occupancy and utilisation (the number of people versus capacity) and activities. Basically the when and how of workplaces.

The role of users when measuring the workplace

Next to the objective view of the usage (what, when and how), the subjective experience plays an important role in the development of a real estate plan. The correlation between the preferences of users and their profiles, supplemented with insights into the actual behaviour, provides a unique view of the workplace. Through these insights, the organisation adjusts the physical environment for the actual needs of the users.

The Key to Added Value

Automated measurements provide good basic information surrounding the use of the work environment, but depending on your situation, it will have to be supplemented with other insights to truly offer added value when supporting strategic choices.


Before you consider choosing a method, it’s smart to first check which insights match your issue or needs. If you need more information, or just want to share your thoughts about different techniques and methods, get in contact with us.

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