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Measuremen launches a renewed and improved version of Habital®

  • Employee Experience

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The world has stood still for the last year, but the Product Development team at Measuremen certainly hasn’t! Work life changed worldwide, and so we felt the need to alter our solution accordingly. Therefore the Product Development team has been working hard for the past year to come up with an improved version of our employee well-being tool: Habital®.


Improving the work life of employees

Habital® is a tool designed to assess employee engagement, work habits, and overall satisfaction levels. Its main purpose is to help employees flourish through personalised feedback and insights, and provide our customers with actionable insights through our Measuremen Portal.

What’s new in Habital®?

  • The improved Habital® includes all the elements the employee is interacting with, not just the work environment and/or the personality;
  • The improved Habital® research runs longer than the research of the previous version of Habital® (3 months instead of 2 weeks). This way it’s easier to identify trends and patterns over time and see the impact of changes made by the organisation;
  • The questions are more diverse than the previous version, so employees stay motivated throughout the research;
  • Users themselves are now also able to see personalised dashboards with person-specific insights

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