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Smart Office Solutions

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Make better decisions about the working environment with our Smart Office Solutions. Improve productivity, reduce stress and create a more safe environment for your employees. Connect sensor data to desk booking data to create a better Smart Office.

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smart office solutions

Why use Smart Office Solutions?

With the use of our Smart Office Solutions, you take flexible working to the next level. Easily generate data within your office environment and optimise workplace management and experience with better decision-making data. By recognising patterns and making predictions based on our workplace analytics you can boost your smart office for example.

The Benefits

Our Smart Office Solution will not only benefit the company but will also benefit the employees for instance. Therefore we would love to talk about the possibilities that our solutions can offer to your company. Or book a demo so we can demonstrate the benefits. In the next paragraph we will illustrate the benefits for employees and also for management.

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Smart Office Solutions for employees

Allow employees to plan their work and optimise their balance by using our Smart Office Solutions, by empowering them with smart desk booking software to better adapt to a hybrid working strategy because this will improve their productivity and reduces the stress.


Smart Office Solutions

Workplace reservations

Allow office users to find, book or check-in (with a QR code) to their preferred workplace (meeting room or desk) safely and efficiently.

Smart Office Solutions

Find my colleague

Find your colleagues via the online search function and see which space they have booked. Use iBASX to book a seat near colleagues, or to book a meeting room together.

Smart Office Solutions

Real-time workplace availability

Get insight into availability through roompanels in the office, or see the live occupancy of the floorplan and availability of desks through online dashboards.

Smart Office Solutions

Report service requests

Users can create notifications of, for example, technical malfunctions or if a particular space or workplace needs maintenance.

Smart Office Solutions

"The nice thing about working with the Smart Office Solutions of Measuremen is that they listen to our needs. We work together towards a common goal: improving the work environment with insights from the Smart Office Solutions." - Diede Lohuis, Housing Advisor

Smart Office Solutions for management

Improve the workplace experience for your employees, and make better decisions about your workplace strategy by using our Smart Office Solutions. Link different data streams visualised in management dashboards. This will not only increase productivity, health and safety. But by using our Smart Office Solutions you will also have a better insight in understanding employee behaviour and preferences.

Smart Office Solutions

Space occupancy and desk utilisation

Gain real-time insight into office occupancy and desk utilisation with sensors, or based on reservation and check-in information. Know how many people are working in the office at any time.

Smart Office Solutions

Monitor indoor air quality

Generate a real-time dataset about air quality (CO2 / Particulate Matter) in your building and receive notifications when air quality is low.

Smart Office Solutions

Smart Desk Booking software

Manage office capacity and space planning with the use of the booking software and distribute the workforce more equally over the week.

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A Selections of our Smart Office Solution Customers

Read here how our Smart Office Solutions has helped our customers gain the necessary insights to make data-driven decisions.

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Frequently asked questions:

Do I need special hardware to use iBASX Smart Office Solutions?

For the booking software, no special hardware is needed, as all employees can use their own smartphone or computer device. For the sensor data collection, the sensors of course need to be implemented in the building as well as a gateway. This will run on a stand-alond LORAWAN network that won't have any impact on existing (wifi) networks.

What languages does iBASX smart office solution support?

The software and management dashboards currently support Dutch, English and French. Other languages are available on request.

On which operating systems does iBASX Smart Office Solutions work?

Since iBASX Booking Software is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, the software is offered as an online service and the installation of an app by employees is not necessary furthermore the sensor and booking data as well as the booking system itself are both available on any device and don’t require updates on the user's device, just an internet connection, and a suitable webbrowser.

Is it possible to only use the booking software without having to install sensors?

Yes, it is also possible to only buy the booking software without installing sensors. However, this means that you will only have access to the booking data within the Workplace Analytics platform, as no occupancy data from sensors will be available.

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