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The Measuremen Portal: What is it?

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Space planning, optimisation and efficiency in the workplace are becoming increasingly important across functions and even across industries. In the 21st century, the term productivity has found new meaning through the increased use of technology. As a result, this technological adoption has fully transformed the way we interact and work. The changes and increasing popularity of technology in the nature of the workplace, space planning and office optimisation demand more. Therefore, to adjust to workplace trends, Measuremen has adapted technology to better manage the workplace and assist in improving workplace strategies.

What is the Measuremen Portal?

The Measuremen Portal is our vision of the future of the workplace. A powerful AI and machine learning platform that can combine and aggregate multiple data sources with the possibility to generate unparalleled insights. It is the ultimate BI platform for Facility and Real Estate managers, which allows you to access your most relevant workplace data anywhere, anytime.

There are many advantages of having business intelligence within the workplace. However, the main benefit is improved data quality and access to workplace data. In addition to that, your data is stored on our secure servers, with easily adjustable permissions for accessibility. The Measuremen Portal is a fully integrated tool, which allows you to obtain insights from all sources, such as company timetables, room booking systems, sensor solutions, workplace surveys and more. It allows you to get a clear view of important and relevant KPIs and the opportunity to explore them with extensive analytical features.

Why invest in it?

With the Measuremen Portal you explore your workplace insights with preconfigured dashboards. Or if you prefer, you can create your own unique dashboard with specific data. Allowing you to dive deep into a particular issue or point of interest. Additionally, with the extensive AI and machine learning tools, the Portal is able to merge data from different sources. Eliminating the need to relocate data sets. The portal then interconnects and presents your most important data. Allowing you and your team easy access to all of your most important workplace data in the blink of an eye.

The various dashboards inside the Measuremen Portal are categorised per level of maturity according to the Measuremen Workplace Maturity Model©. The model divides into four levels, Acknowledge, Validate, Manage and Optimise. Each level describes the situation your organisation is currently in.

Read more about Workplace Maturity Model through our dedicated whitepaper.

Measuremen Portal: insights for any type of organisation

The Measuremen Portal offers managers a 24/7 connection to their workplace insights. As this is an online platform where you are able to log in anytime and anywhere to view your fully integrated insights. Using these insights, you can optimise your workplace with continuous insights from the Measuremen Portal. By analysing the available data, you can evaluate and optimise the best way to manage your workplace strategy. The Measuremen Portal offers the possibility to compare your own workplace insights and make a benchmark for your industry and peers. The Portal provides you with the possibility to compare multiple studies, locations and periods in time, as the true value of measuring is a series of research.

Comparing past results will help you grow smarter and avoid unnecessary costs within your workplace strategy. With the industry benchmarks, you can become a leader in your industry and better attract talent. Lastly, the Measuremen Portal offers you the possibility to collaborate between teams and departments. You can review, share and provide feedback on data between teams. Additionally, a new and personalised dashboard can be created per team for each of their most important data. Through this collaboration, more synergy and engagement can be created between and among employees.

This tool offers extensive analytical tools to deliver smarter insights to better engage business users. In the coming weeks, we will dive into each top feature, explaining why it may be applicable to your organisation. In this way, we think that our powerful tool can help you be more successful in optimising the workplace. Because it offers you the right tools and possibilities to gather full and detailed insights into your workplace, allowing you to grow smarter and more efficient.

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