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Workplace Observation Study – Coca Cola

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Workplace Observation Study – Coca Cola

Coca-Cola European Partners provides the largest variety of leading brand beverages to approximately 300 million consumers and is the world’s largest independent Coca-Cola bottler in terms of revenue. Currently, the company is employing 25,000 people across 13 European countries. Coca-Cola European Partners has asked Measuremen to conduct a Workplace Observation Study to analyse the way in which employees use space within the workplace to determine if the use can be more efficient in terms of occupancy and usage.


Coca-Cola European Partners asked Measuremen to conduct a workplace observation study to gain insight into the usage of the workplace and to identify opportunities to improve the element of utilisation. The company is looking to help its workplace evolve by creating a more efficient and agile place to work. By gathering more information on how space is used and the frequency of use, Coca-Cola European Partners can make better-informed decisions while designing a workplace suitable for the needs of their many employees, to match the company culture, and to offer a more agile working space within the office.



Keeping Coca-Cola European Partners’ wishes for increased efficiency in mind, Measuremen studied the use of two offices located in London and Brussels. Each of these offices showed different usage, but they both pointed towards a similar conclusion; that the efficiency within and the utilisation of the office could be improved.

Measuremen’s report offers Coca-Cola European Partners extensive information on their workplace occupancy. The insights from the report aid the company in better understanding office occupancy and in identifying opportunities to improve space utilisation within their workplace.

Coca-Cola European Partners is on their way to a more agile workplace and you can be too! Get in touch with us today!

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