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Habital® – ING

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Habital® - ING

Habital® – ING

Financial institutes, like ING, are facing massive disruption in their core business, on a global scale. Traditional banking products and services are currently being transformed into simplified, online, and omnichannel products. These traditional organisations are transforming into future-proof fintech companies. Heavy changes in the core business result in different ways of working, different employee types, competencies, and workplace activities.


Often, the workplaces don’t seem to be used as intended and therefore show mixed results in terms of activities. This also applies to ING, one of Measuremen’s clients in Amsterdam. One of the ambitions of the project Habital®-ING is to get a better understanding of the pros and cons of different workplace concepts for different workplace activity patterns.

These understandings should contribute to the development and implementation of an effective, solid, but agile global workplace strategy. Existing methods, such as observations, interviews and surveys have proven to be useful, but all have their shortcomings within this context.

In a search for the ultimate set of KPIs to measure and monitor the success and effectiveness of their current workplace strategy and how the global workplace strategy should look like, ING initiated over a dozen of innovative workplace-related projects in 2016. The initial scope consisted of approximately 100 knowledge-workers from the internal Facility Management and Real Estate department in one of the HQ buildings. Even before the formal kick-off, the scope was expanded to 300 participants in two different HQ buildings in the Amsterdam area.

The main solution that has been tested in this project is the Habital® smartphone application which receives specific beacon signals. The solution consists of three components to collect detailed and reliable data about the actual use of different types of workplaces:

  • An online questionnaire (website)
  • Experience sampling/ self-reporting (smartphone app)
  • Location tracking (with beacons connected to a smartphone app)

Finally, the workplace KPI’s that were measured and used in this project were:

  • Commuting time to the HQ office
  • Satisfaction level on the current work environment
  • Contract hours per week
  • Number of years working for this organisation,
  • Number of years working at this particular site
  • Number of years working in a flexible office concept
  • Job characteristics
  • Personality characteristics
  • Workplace preferences
  • Measured activities
  • Measured workplace usage
  • Workplace satisfaction


These KPIs answered questions like; “What are the different workplace preferences per activity type?”

At the end of the project, each participant received a report on an individual level. The feedback created awareness about their actual behavior and workplace preferences and stimulated participants to change their workplace choices in order to find the best place to work.

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