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Workplace Observation Study – Municipality of Amsterdam

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Workplace Observation Study – Municipality of Amsterdam

The city of Amsterdam is the most populous city in the Netherlands and it continues to grow rapidly. The local municipal research bureau (Onderzoek, Informatie en Statistiek) forecasts that the city will reach close to a million inhabitants by 2030, a growth of around 100,000 from 2016. The municipality of Amsterdam offers several different services to the inhabitants of the city, varying from arranging civil affairs to leisure activities. These services proved by the municipality of Amsterdam are distributed amongst multiple locations across the city, each location serving only a particular area of the city.


Purpose of Workplace Observation Study – Municipality of Amsterdam

The Municipality of Amsterdam asked Measuremen to conduct workplace observation studies in several locations to receive insight on office usage and activity. The organisation wants to have more efficient real-estate use, as Amsterdam is constantly growing, real-estate is always in high demand.

Outcomes of Workplace Observation Study – Municipality of Amsterdam

The municipality carries out new measurements every year to have a continuous stream of information as to how the workplaces are being used. Each location that has been measured shows different fluctuations in occupation and utilisation in different office areas throughout the day. For example, a location in Amsterdam north showed an occupation rate which was 16,2% higher than a location in the east of Amsterdam, however, the utilisation rate in that same location in the east was 4,3% higher than in the north. By collecting such insights, the municipality can create more efficient workplaces for their employees. The information provided by Measuremen’s reports continuously helps the organisation make strategic decisions in their long-term real estate holdings.

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