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Monday 8 June 2020 - 13:30 - 15:00 CET
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Measuremen College Tour – 1st Edition


A panel discussion with education experts on the temporary and permanent changes that the current COVID-19 situation brings to education and housing in particular.

*This edition of the Measuremen College Tour was a closed event. The 2nd edition will be opened to the public.


– Physical contact is essential while educating students.

– The capacity limitation of the schools is not caused by the measures of public transport or the 1.5 distance in lecture halls, but by doors, stairs, and lifts. These intersection points thus pose a logistical challenge, with traffic controllers having to regulate the flow of traffic.

– The change from ‘the number of m2 per student’ in housing plans (3m2 per student) to ‘the number of contact hours per student per week’ (4-6 hours per student per week) seems to be an important indicator: “which contact moment produces the highest quality?”.

Panel Guests

Alexander Daems

Programme Manager Real Estate & Space

Fred Bode

Manager Real Estate & Housing

Jeroen Roosen

Real Estate Management Policy Officer

Christiaan Wesselius

Head of Housing

Liza Meijer

Corporate Real Estate Manager

Nalinie Bhajan

Policy Support Employee Real Estate & Housing

Jacqueline van Hoogenhuijze

Policy Advisor Quality Management and Occupational Health & Safety, and Environmental Safety

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