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Our Workplace Solutions have helped all types of organisations all over the world. SMB, SME or large corporations; Education, Enterprise or Consultancy firm, Measuremen is here to help your organisation gain the insights needed to make data-driven decisions.

Find more information below on how we can improve the workplace in your industry.


We can help you with making smarter decisions based on data while creating a safe learning environment. Let numbers tell the tale and learn from the past. Gain insight into the occupancy and utilisation of your university campus.


What gets measured gets improved. Workspace metrics, employee experience, or occupancy rates. We help you to get the insights for a future-proof workplace strategy.


We measure occupancy and behaviour within the workplace using people, sensor technology, surveys and smartphone apps; giving you the data to create the right workplace strategy with your clients.

Other industries

Because each organisation has different challenges, we provide custom-made metrics to get insights about your facilities and spaces. We implement solutions to everything related to work life from assets, metrics, employees to technology.

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