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When talking about workplace strategy, the main priority shouldn’t be the number of desks and chairs within the company. Instead, the focus should be on the workplace experience: does the actual usage and needs match the current workplace concept?

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By creating insights into the usage of your constantly changing workplace environment, you will be able to align the workplace environment to the needs of your employees.

While collecting workplace data, we discovered a lot of similarities at multiple companies. For example, the feeling of crowdedness by employees, while the facility or real estate manager is convinced that there is a lot of free space available in the building. Sometimes caused by personal belongings occupying workstations or meeting facilities, but also booked rooms that aren’t in use at all. 

Other than that, understanding the employee’s needs while working remotely or in a hybrid setting, can be challenging. Employee engagement, keeping in touch with your colleagues, might need a new approach. Therefore, HR is more and more looking for accessible solutions to keep in touch with employees without disturbing their work. 

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