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In addition to the core industries in which we operate, we have solutions for other industries as well. We assist clients within the public sector, for example, government institutions and hospitals. As well as production and manufacturing facilities.

Merlijn can tell you everything about what we can do for your organisation. Contact him via or +31610338230

If you want to perform workplace asset inventories, improve facilities occupancy or implement workplace technology to improve your workplace experience. Together we think about a solution that fits your specific workplace needs.  

For example, a workplace asset inventory that could provide you with a workable, well-organised list of inventory elements in your buildings, and can help you to write your long-term investment plan or help while implementing a circular strategy.

What we do:

Need to relocate?

We perform your workplace asset inventory 

Want to know the actual use of your facility?

We provide you the metrics

Wish to improve the workspace?

Create a strategy with our workplace maturity model 

Circular approach for facilities?

Have specific details to take future asset investment 

"Measuremen created an accurate project planning with hourly estimates in order to achieve a good trade-off between lead time and information density."

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