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In the course of our projects, we have analysed more than one million workspaces, which has allowed us to quantify a lot of data and to gain precise knowledge about the possible fluctuations of an occupancy strategy. Based on these results, we keep producing a knowledge base of documents: White papers, blogs and our annual workplace reports.

We provide you with the knowledge to support your decisions, identify trends and create models that define your workspace.


Data and insights to share or collaborate with.

As a facility manager, real estate manager, workplace researcher, or workplace expert, you need valuable data & insights to compare trends, share or collaborate with. We work with experts in different fields to generate insights and knowledge to improve work life.

Annual Workplace Reports

Improve your workplace with valuable insights

Looking for insights into working patterns, occupancy rates, and activities performed in workplaces around the globe? As workplace experts, we find it important to share our knowledge. Each year we share our findings so that these insights can help you make better decisions on improving your workplace.

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Blogs & News

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Workplace Maturity Model

Using the unique Workplace Maturity Model©, organisations can gradually improve their workplace. It provides unique insights into the usage and possibilities of office space across all industries.

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