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FAQ – Habital®

1. Before a study

1a. Why is a Habital® study conducted?

Habital® captures data about the personality, job characteristics, and the expected workplace preferences of employees in order to show how you and your employees can work smarter and feel better.

1b. What does a Habital® study look like?

An initial online survey will take place at the start of the study, followed by a two-week experience sampling.

1c. How long do you need to measure in order to have reliable insights?

A minimum of two weeks of measuring has proven to be the right mix between usability and reliability of the results. This time span also overcomes incidents that may lead to deviation in the results.

1d. How long does a Habital® study last?

During ten working days, your employees will receive four short questions, six times per day.

1e. What do I have to make available during the preparation of a Habital® study?

Have a look at the Habital® Checklist. This can be found here.

1f. Are the surveys anonymous?

Yes, only your email address will be used for login and for the notification to be sent. Habital® will not use your information for purposes other than those listed in the Privacy Statement unless Measuremen obtains your consent first.

1g. Can I fill in the sampling on every device?

Yes. If you enter the survey and sampling on your computer or laptop you will receive notifications by email. When you login into the application on your phone, you will receive notifications on your phone.

2. During a study

2a. What is my role during a Habital® Study?

It is important that the Habital® study is well announced within your organisation in advance. Make sure every employee is aware of the study and its participation.

2b. What if I don’t receive notifications on my phone?

You can edit the settings of your phone,

iOS: Settings > Habital® > Notifications >  Allow notifications > On.

Android: Settings > Apps > Habital® > App settings > Notifications > Allow notifications > On

2c. I forgot my password, what now?

Go to SIGN IN and select forgot your password? Fill in your email address and you receive an email to reset your password.

2d. Do I get a reminder on my phone at every measurement moment?

Yes. When you installed the application on your phone, the app will ask you to allow notifications

2e. Can I change the language during a research?

Yes. Go to the menu in the top left corner and choose language to change the language.

2f. Can I enter a missed measurement to compensate?

Yes. In the application, you can enter every missed measurement at missed measurement in the bottom right button. You see the number of missed measurements in a red dot.

2g. How is an extra measurement included in the totality of completed results?

The extra measurement will be visible in the report as extra added measurements.

2h. Is it possible to link the data of Habital® with the data of our Workplace Observation Study?

Yes. In the Measuremen Portal, you find all the available insights of the different studies.

2i. Why do I have to fill in so many personal questions?

All these questions are necessary to show the job characteristics of the participants to understand how people work in the organisation. Job characteristics influence workplace preferences. Also, the personality traits of employees influence their workplace preferences.

2j. What should I do when I’m not working?

Fill in the Sampling that you are currently not working. You can do this by clicking on the button on the bottom left side. You won’t receive a notification this day.

2k. Do I have to complete the extra measurement round?

That’s all up to you, if you want to add extra data to the research you are more than welcome.

3. After a study

3a. What are you going to do with the insights and results of the Habital® study?

A strategic report on the team level is provided with deep insights regarding workplace preferences and actual workplace satisfaction. Next to that, you will receive unique insights on an individual level – that provide personalised feedback and creates awareness for you to change behaviour.

3b. When can I expect to have access to these insights?

We strive to provide the complete report in the Measuremen Portal in five working days after the last sampling day unless agreed upon otherwise.

3c. Are the insights also discussed with me?

Yes. During a Key Insights meeting, the insights will be discussed with a client on a mutually selected date, unless agreed upon otherwise.

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