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FAQ – Sensor Connected Workplace

1. Before a study

1a. Why is a Sensor Connected Workplace conducted?

Sensors track workplace utilisation in real-time, whether it’s individual desks or meeting rooms, with sensors you can make smarter decisions about your real estate. Next to that, using the highly advanced sensors you are able to cut costs, plan for better capacity and empower teams.

1b. What does a Sensor Connected Workplace look like?

It consists of three steps which include the preparation, to check for the ideal placement of sensors, next is the installation, and last but not least the data collection.

1c. How long do you need to measure in order to have reliable insights?

The sensors are accurate up to 98% and will provide data that is is reliable from the first minute. We recommend measuring at least three months to get reliable insights over a period of time.

1d. How long does a Sensor Connected Workplace study last?

The preparation phase of the project is 20 days. The study itself takes between six and twelve months. The sensors can be used temporarily or permanently.

1e. What do I have to make available during the preparation of a Sensor Connected Workplace?

We need a list of all workstation and meeting facility types and an accurate and good floor plan.

1f. For what objects is the sensor being used?

For now, we use sensors to measure workstations, meeting rooms, and environments.

1g. How long does the battery works?

The batteries we use in the sensors have an estimated lifetime of between three and ten years, depending on the type of sensor.

1h. What is the difference between the Sensor Connected Workplace and Workplace Observation Study?

The main difference is the number of measurements. A Workplace Observation Study will take place every hour (six-nine times per day), where the SCW measures the occupancy continuously. This advantage makes sure that you have reliable insights into your occupancy rate. Another difference is the measured activities. During a Workplace Observation Study, the observer will measure occupancy and activity. A Sensor Connected Workplace measures the occupancy rate only.

2. During a study

2a. What is my role during the Sensor Connected Workplace?

It is important that it is well announced within your organisation in advance. Besides that, you can tell them that the sensors are secure by design and don’t have an impact on existing networks.

2b. Missing device

If a device is not in its documented location, please ask for assistance from the project coordinator.

  1. Check the surrounding area to see if the device has been moved. If a sensor has been moved from its designated location, all data can no longer be considered accurate and all data for the location is void. Please document this.
  2. The documentation must be checked thoroughly for any mistakes.
  3. Check to see when the sensor was last online. If it is still online, then repeat step 1 until it is found!
  4. If this does not reveal the location, the device must be marked as lost/stolen. This is the responsibility of the client, and the project coordinator can deal with this accordingly.
  5. Check-in floor pots, underneath desks, and nearby walls. If it’s online, it must be nearby!

3. After a study

3a. What are you going to do with the insights and results of the Sensor Connected Workplace?

All the insights are collected and reviewed in the Measuremen Portal.

3b. When can I expect to have access to these insights?

The dashboards will be made available at the start of the project in the Measuremen Portal. This means that you will have direct access to both the live and historical data during and after the data gathering.

3c. Which insights will be available in the Measuremen Portal?

Peak occupancy, average occupancy, and more in-depth information regarding the occupancy.

3d. Are the insights also discussed with me?

Yes. During a Key Insights meeting, the insights will be discussed with you on a mutually selected date, unless agreed upon otherwise.

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