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Junior Project Manager – Paris

Imagine this: you are travelling towards Lyon to meet the customer and prepare a project on site, and while travelling you meet your international colleagues in an online call and they invite you to our Amsterdam Headquarter for a company party? Do you see yourself sitting in the train or aeroplane? Then you should read this job description because we need you as our new Junior Project Manager!

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Job profile

Our goal is to serve our customers in a perfect and efficient way, so they can optimise their workplaces with our workplace analytics. As a Junior Project Manager, you are responsible for preparing, managing and delivering high quality projects. You will be working within the heart of our company: the Project Management team of the
France Business Unit. This team is responsible for our customers in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland. So.. you need to speak French and English! 

The most fun part in this job: no day is the same, no week is the same! You work with small companies, large companies, in all industries. Here is an example:

  • Monday: you are present in the office of Engie where a project starts! You have trained the data collection team (we call them observers) the week before so you are present to make sure the first rounds go smoothly. And it did! Successfully you travel towards a new project where you have a Scope meeting with L’Oréal to kick-off a new project! After this meeting, you start immediately with the inventory on site. Walking with floor plans to make sure all objects will be added to our software!
  • Tuesday: you’re supervising the project at Engie from your home office and checking the quality of the data that has been measured. After this, you are resourcing new observers for the new project that is going to start in 2 weeks! In the afternoon you’re travelling together with our intern towards Crédit Agricole to start another inventory on site. 
  • Wednesday: a perfect day to make sure the project administration is up to date and inform the customers about the project progress. You add the whole Crédit Agricole scope in the software and you check your own work afterward to make sure it’s correct and complete. 
  • Thursday: together with your customer success colleague, you have a Key Insight Meeting in the morning with Kardham! You both are presenting the data that was collected the weeks before. You share all relevant insights and help them understand data that is visible in our Measuremen Portal. In the afternoon you handle some issues with observers. Their building access badges are not working so you have to call the customer to sort this out! 
  • Friday: next week you’re travelling to Lyon for a project at Orange where you are staying all week, so you are preparing for this trip! You have an interview with a local observer and inform the customer about the project planning. You close the week with a team weekly to review the week and plan the next one and a bi-weekly round up with all your colleagues to cheer on the weekend! 

Is your calendar going to look like this? 

And really, this is just a snapshot! We could have written a week of a project manager in a hundred different ways. 

We offer a full remote job, within an organisation where you can be your absolute self. All your colleagues are ambitious where innovation is key to implementing new developments and improving processes! That is needed in a fast-growing scale-up company and market leading organisation like us! 

Job requirements

  • You have an HBO or Master level of education
  • You are able to speak and written at a professional level in both French and English
  • You are available full time by March 2024
  • You live in or around Paris
  • You like to travel a lot!

Salary and benefits:

  • ‘Bring your own devices’ contribution for a functional laptop and phone (including subscription). So don’t drop your phone in the toilet too often. 
  • A salary between €2,300 and €2,450 per month, depending on diplomas
  • Meal expenses paid when travelling, so keep the receipts! 
  • Fully remote working 

Ready to join? Apply now!

It’s up to you now… Are we going to meet each other? I hope so! I’m looking forward to learning more about you! Get in touch via or email directly to: or call her at +31 (0) 610154422. 

After a screening phone call, you may be invited for the first interview with Lisa. This will be in English. If there is a match, a second interview will follow in French with Baptiste and Jean-Baptiste from the French team. Then, should it really feel right, we will do a Disc personality test before making a final decision. Good luck!

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