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Measure air quality for a good indoor climate

✔ A growing dataset about the air quality of your building

✔ 24/7 measurements

✔ Installed within 1 week

✔ Clear dashboard with real-time insights

✔ Receive notifications when CO2 values are exceeded

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Why good air quality is important

Monitoring air quality is crucial to a healthy (work) environment. Knowing when to ventilate can reduce airborne viral particles (such as COVID-19). In addition, ventilating helps against the spreading and inhalation of particulate matter which can have various health effects.

It is important that employees feel safe when working in the office. Clean air promotes (learning) performance and ensures higher concentration. It also has a positive effect on the well-being and productivity of employees. 


Support a healthy environment

to work in

to learn in

to meet each other

where employees feel safe

We measure air quality in two different ways


Measuremen's CO2 sensor is an advanced indoor climate sensor for measuring air quality based on CO2 levels.

Particulate Matter

The Particulate Matter sensor by Measuremen measures the indoor air quality based on the number and size of Particulate Matter (aerosols) present in the air at a given time.

CO2 measurements

Get an alert when CO2 levels within certain rooms are above average, so you can ventilate when needed to facilitate a safe work environment.

The sensors are specifically designed to be wall-mounted and to measure effectively. By measuring across days and weeks, it is possible to use dashboards to discover patterns and investigate where, and when, CO2 levels are too high.

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Particulate Matter Research.

Particulate matter is considered one of the most harmful components of air pollution. Exposure to a high concentration of particulate matter can cause lasting health damage.

The sensor is an advanced and versatile 3-in-1 sensor specially designed for installation in indoor environments. The sensor measures the concentration and size of particles, the temperature, and the relative humidity in the ambient air.

Our sensors can measure particles with a size between 1.0 µm and 2.5 µm (known as PM 2.5), and particles with a size between 2.5 µm and 10 µm (known as PM 10).

Understand your building with real-time insights

By equipping the building with our air quality sensors, you generate a real-time growing dataset about the air quality of your building. Seeing the live and historical data in the dashboards creates awareness of that which is so intangible and invisible: air.

The data makes the dynamics of the indoor climate clear by showing CO2 or particulate matter patterns. Per location, you can easily determine the influencing factors, and by investigating you can effectively make adjustments and implement actions when necessary. This allows sensors to contribute efficiently to a healthy indoor climate.

Want more information about the specifications of the sensors, or a demo of the dashboards?

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