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What is an observer?


So….what does an observer do?

An observer gathers data on the actual use of the workplace, the work activities, employee experience, and the behaviour of employees at the office(s) of our clients. To perform these measurements, you walk a specific route through the building(s) of our clients several times a day, entering the data via our specially designed software. This data helps organisations to create the ideal working environment for each and every employee.

This is what you’ll need:

• A smartphone;
• A sense of responsibility;
• A reliable and flexible attitude;
• Your healthy self: you need to be able to walk a lot.

What's in it for you?


You decide when you want to work and when you want some time off. We have projects throughout the year, so you can simply hop on and off whenever you feel like it!


Want to travel the world without paying a penny? You’re at the right address! We have a lot of projects and we sent our observers all around the globe.


Living healthy and keeping an eye out for your physical fitness is extra important during these busy years. Your gym won’t be happy with us!


Measuremen hosts many social events throughout the year, ranging from a boat party in the canals to hiking in the woods. Or join our notorious Friday afternoon drinks.


As an observer, you get to experience organisations from the inside out. Get a reliable picture of how working in a certain company or industry actually is!


Life is expensive, especially when studying. We make sure you get a fair wage and even offer you possibilities to earn more by taking more responsibility within projects!

Get started as an observer?


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