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Portal Glossary – Habital

On this page, you can find all the definitions of the terms and words that we use when conducting a Habital Study.




Other, personal and/or private usage (relaxing, thinking, typing on phone, eating).

Digital meeting (via video or phone)

Individual calling through electronic means (telephone, headset) or Virtual collaboration through electronic means.

In-person meeting

Collaboration (social interactions, discussions, presentations, meetings).

Hybrid meeting (part online, part in-person)

Collaboration with colleagues working at the office and colleagues working remotely

Individual work that requires high concentration

Work that requires more concentration than standard tasks.

Individual work that requires low concentration

Work that can be executed with a low amount of concentration.

Mobility profile

Office worker

Employee working more than 80% of the time at the office

Remote worker

Employee working more than 80% of the time at home or another remote location (not the office)

Hybrid worker

Employee working partly at the office, and partly from a remote location

Workplace types

An allocated room or office

A room inside a home only dedicated to working remotely

An allocated work space (not room)

A space inside a home dedicated to working remotely

Non-work dedicated area

An area inside a home, used for other purposes than working

Outside area (balcony, garden etc.)

An outside space attached to a home

A public space (e.g. café, library)

A remote location dedicated to other purposes than working

A private space (e.g. co-working space)

A remote location dedicated to working

An outdoors location (e.g. park, beach)

A remote location outside, not attached to an office or a home

A client's location

A location used mainly by a client


Commute time

The commute time is the average travel time you take from home to work. Expressed in minutes.


Highest level of education.


Woman/Man/Genderqueer or non-binary/Agender/Prefer not to say/None of the above

Hours employment

Working hours per week

Workplace satisfaction

The rating about the current workplace environment


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