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With our solutions, you can optimise your workplace in every aspect. Discover the potential of your commercial real estate through actionable insights based on accurate data. Making sure that every workspace and person in your building counts.

Measure and improve asset inventory, workplace data and employee experience.
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iBASX Smart Office Solutions

Allow for your office to become smart by connecting sensor data with booking data. With the use of iBASX Smart Office Solutions, you can easily generate data from your...
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Measuremen Portal

The Measuremen Portal combines actionable insights to optimise the workplace strategy on a cloud-based platform. With the right information and data you are able to continuously improve working life...
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Workplace Asset Inventory

The first step to optimize your workplace starts with an asset inventory. It provides you a workable, well-organised list of inventory elements that are in use in your buildings....
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Workplace Observation Study

Space management is no longer a challenge when using occupancy and utilization analytics. Workplace Observation Studies are conducted to better understand how your portfolio looks and how it's actually...
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The Habital journey provides scientifically validated insights into employee wellbeing, performance, and work-life. With these insights, your organisation will be able to support your employees now and curate a...
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