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Sensor Connected Workplace

Make smarter decisions about your real estate using our highly advanced workplace sensors. Lift occupancy planning to the next level and get ready for better capacity-use ratios.

Merlijn can tell you more about our Sensors. Contact him via: or +31610338230

With a sensor connected workplace, you track workplace occupancy in real-time. Whether it is individual desks or meeting rooms or indoor air quality data like CO2 and Particulate Matter. All these insights are no longer a challenge to visualise using our workplace sensors.


Cost reduction

With sensor data you are able to make strategic decisions about the workspace

No impact

Sensors use a wireless LoRa network separate from any network or IT systems

Secure by design

We employ the latest security and encryption techniques to ensure your data is safe

Unparalleled performance

Our sensors have the highest reliability in the industry with 98% accuracy

Always wanted to experiment with sensors for classrooms or conference rooms? You can now do so easily and quickly with our Sensor DIY box.

Sensor Connected Workplace in your Workplace Strategy

Take occupancy planning to the next level and get ready for better capacity–usage ratios. Is your person-to-desk ratio off? Which teams need more space? We make the answers obvious and we take care of every part of the process, from installation to data delivery. 

Get insights you can trust with a very much higher sampling rate and zero human error. Our sensors operate stand-alone and are non-interfering to any other existing system, and the easiest to set up available in the market, deployable almost anywhere in the world.

Our workplace sensors:

Desk sensors

The desk sensor by Measuremen is a minimalistic and subtle sensor very easy to install for an indoor environment. It measures indoor temperature, humidity, and desk occupancy.

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Meeting Room sensors

The Meeting Room sensor by Measuremen is a sensor for measuring the occupancy and the indoor environment.

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Improve air quality

It is important that employees feel safe when working in the office. Measure air quality for a good indoor climate with CO2 or particulate sensors

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Privacy & Security

Personal data

The data we gather provides insights into the use of physical objects by humans.

Encrypted data

No readable information, the data will only transfer to the Portal.

Security process

Secured by a two-factor authentication process, for authorised users only.

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