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Habital®: What is it?

  • Employee Experience

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Employee experience within the workplace is becoming a priority for nearly all organisations for a number of reasons. The main reason is the fact that changing demographics, skill gaps, shortages in talent and changing desires in the workplace are making it more difficult for organisations to retain talent. Other motivations might include; improved employee experience and increased employee support, leading to increased productivity and engagement within the workplace. To offer insights into the employee experience and wishes, Measuremen has developed Habital®. But what is Habital exactly?

What is Habital ®?

Habital is a new application to help employers understand what is the right working environment for their employees. The application is made up of extensive, academic research-backed online surveys which gather data about employee preferences and behaviour within the workplace. The data collected provides employers with the information needed to create a workplace best fit for its users.

Why Habital?

Our mission is to improve workplaces worldwide, and the individual employee is at the centre of every workplace. That’s why we have developed Habital®: to give organisations more detailed insights into their employees’ behaviour and preferences. By doing so, the organisation can better understand the preferred way of working in the organisation as a whole and between teams. Additionally, Measuremen offers you the possibility to get data from different sources to optimise organisational alignment. For example, a Habital® study can be paired with a Workplace Occupancy Study, offering organisations insights into the usage and occupancy of the workplace, but also the preferences and behaviour of employees within the workplace. Through this, organisations can compare employee preferences to actual behaviour and work towards optimising their workplace strategy.


Habital® enables employees to contribute to a more productive, efficient and engaged workplace. Prior to starting a study, the application gathers data about your personality, job characteristics, and preferences within the workplace. The study collects data through surveys over a period of ten working days. Employees are asked to fill in the survey 4-6 times per day in which they are able to provide their opinion about the workplace and their environment. The survey uses scientifically validated questions to gather information on employee individual preferences.


What can Habital® offer you as an organisation? The brand-new application can provide powerful insights for an organisation on their most important assets. These insights will give organisations a better understanding and engagement in employee behaviour. Prompting employees to think about their own usage in the workplace already creates awareness and engages them to learn and understand their own behaviour and habits.

Ultimately, Habital® provides data straight from the occupants of the workplace. Offering all types of insights into the way employees work and what they prefer in the workplace. In the long run, it can help organisations optimise their alignment between the physical working environment and employee preferences. Interested in what Habital® and Measuremen can offer your organisation? Discover Habital or get in touch with a sales executive!

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