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Habital® is an employee experience & well-being mobile-app, designed to improve your organisation by empowering your people to flourish.

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The Habital® app understands the relationship between People, Work Environment, Work Process, and Organisational elements.

Habital® provides the platform to connect management & employees while giving them the knowledge to be better, at a pace that’s right for them. With Habital®, you have the opportunity to improve the work life of your entire organisation.

“Habital was fun to use. It is very user friendly and quick to answer. A reminder tells you to fill it in but you are actually quite intrigued by what the questions might ask you, as each day they are different and sometimes surprising.” - Ashley, Workplace Consultant

Overcome this pain with Habital®


Measure satisfaction across all aspects of the organisation

Human centered

Use perceptions of all your employees to make decisions

Improve engagement

Improve the workplace experience

Actionable insights

Make informed decisions based on data

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