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By providing decision-making data, we contribute to better performing workplaces, positively impacting both the quality of work and life.

Over +2 million improved workspaces
We have +50 million datapoints
We work in +50 countries

What we do

With more than 18 years of experience in workplace data collection. We provide workplace insights, helping organisations make smarter decisions when building workplace strategies. In the current world of work, you can’t base your workplace environment on assumptions. It is important to listen to employees’ needs, measure how, and for what purposes spaces are being used.

We excel in data-driven workplace improvements. Measuremen improves work life worldwide, by creating insight into the actual usage and performance of workplaces. We do this by performing occupancy and utilisations studies, activity analysis, sensor technology, surveys, and human behaviour apps.

Using actionable insights, available via our Business Intelligence platform, our clients can make faster and smarter decisions. Find out how we can help you gain the insights needed to improve your employees’ experiences, define your new workplace strategy, reduce real estate costs, or increase productivity and well-being.

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Our unique approach

The way we enable you to improve your global workplace is by providing you with workplace insights from different types of data sources, even without us being there: Discover the potential of your workplace with insights from different data sources.

Your historical data Your actual data Global workplace benchmark

Global workplace benchmark

Use the world's most comprehensive and complete workplace benchmark database if you don’t have the possibility to start a data acquisition project or if you want to understand which occupancy levels are common to your industry.

Your historical data

We help you to understand and get easy access to your historical workplace data. In order to develop a future-proof strategy, you must understand your history. Think about data from previous occupancy and utilisation studies, in comparison with historic headcount and square footage per period of time per building.

Your actual data

We use different methodologies and technologies to collect the most actual and real-time workplace data possible, separately or combined. From extremely reliable observations studies to the most accurate sensor technologies, user-friendly surveys and sampling methods, to practical inventory overviews.

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"Key to Measuremen's success is their unique ability to understand the workplace environment."

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As a facility manager, real estate manager, workplace researcher, or workplace expert, you need valuable data & insights to compare trends, share or collaborate with. Learn about workplace strategy, hybrid working, employee experience, and more of the work life world expertise.


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