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iBASX Smart Office Solutions

Measuremen introduces iBASX Sensors As A Service with best practise workplace analytics and no technical or IT adjustments needed that guarantees privacy too!

Bram ten Cate

Bram is happy to share his thoughts and knowledge about the use of iBASX Smart Office Solutions in your office environment. 

Easy, affordable and, permanent workplace analytics

Permanent workplace analytics help you save costs and optimise workplace experience. But without investing heavily in hardware or infrastructure. Now you can enjoy real-time workplace data without the hassle of complex IT infrastructure, privacy issues or lengthy purchase processes. Optimise workplace management and experience with better decision-making data, by recognising patterns and making predictions based on our workplace analytics.

Our offer

Starting from 100 sensors and a six months minimum our subscription is very competitive.

*Installation between € 2500,- and € 5000,-.

for 6 months
for 12 months
for 18 months
for 36 months

*best value*

The power of workplace analytics

iBASX enhance workspace efficiency and employee experience by providing real-time workplace analytics. Take workplace management to the next level. Easily track data within the office environment. As a result, you get a better understanding of how the workplace is being used.

Moreover, by tracking and analysing workplace usage, organisations can obtain valuable insights to optimise resource allocation and drive operational business.


Your benefits

Optimise space

With near real time insights you can adjust your space to the needs of everyone. Growing or shrinking departments? Save on real estate costs! More room for collaboration or concentration? Improve workplace experience!

Instant analytics

Dashboards that tell a story and help you support your decisions on how to improve the workplace. Occupancy? Utilisation? No shows vs room booking, all straight out of the box from the moment the first sensor is live!

No cost of ownership

We will do the heavy lifting. You just tell us how many workplaces need a sensor and we will place and maintain them, so you are assured of permanent data with the ownership of hardware or hassle of installation or infrastructure.

Latest technology

Our sensors run on long lasting batteries and the latest wireless technology. With the gateway we supply, all you need is one power plug to run a hundred sensors.

Total flexibility

Because our sensors have no wires we can place and replace them as often as you want. Need more sensors or return them? No worries, with our pay per month subscription you have total flexibility.

Experience enhancing

Each employee will have access to an easy to use overview of all available workplaces and meeting rooms. On their mobile phone, their laptop or computer or even on optional room panels and hallway monitors.

Download our solution sheet to learn more!

Smart Office Solutions

"The nice thing about working with Measuremen is that they listen to our needs. We work together towards a common goal: improving the work environment with insights." - Diede Lohuis, Housing Advisor

A selection of our customers

Read here how iBASX Smart Office Solutions has helped our customers gain the necessary insights to make data-driven decisions.

Want to learn more about iBASX Smart Office Solutions? We are more than happy to explain to you how you too can start!

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Bram ten Cate

Bram is happy to share his thoughts and knowledge about the use of iBASX Smart Office Solutions in your office environment. 

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