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The Measuremen Portal: Top features

  • Workplace Data & Insights

The Measuremen Portal is our newest Business Intelligence tool and represents our vision of the future of the workplace. It combines all the possibilities to view your most relevant workplace data. Allowing you to explore the data further with the extensive analytics features and filtering tools. Check out the following blog post for a more detailed look into the top features of the Measuremen Portal.


As an online platform, the Measuremen Portal offers a connection to your workplace to log in anywhere at any time. It offers a continuous 24/7 connection to your workplace insights as it is a fully integrated tool, allowing you to obtain insights from different types of sources. The Measuremen Portal offers the possibility to integrate information such as sensor solutions, workplace surveys and more. Additionally, the Measuremen Portal will offer the possibility to view studies from different office locations together in one dashboard. Having the possibility to view KPIs such as utilisation and occupancy to compare the results. Using the powerful built-in features, you are fully connected to the data associated with everything in and around your workplace. You can then compare different sets of data with each other.


Because of its continuous connection and access to different sources of data. The Measuremen portal offers a clear and detailed view of the KPIs that are important to you. Using our extensive tools, you can filter data and reveal more detailed workplace insights, review specific data sets and receive unique insights to evaluate your workplace strategy. Details down to one specific workstation can be revealed, offering objective insights where special attention is needed! Using this information, and more, you can better understand the use and the occupancy of your office space, therefore allowing you to grow smarter, avoid unnecessary costs, and ultimately optimise your workplace strategy.


Here at Measuremen, we believe that numbers tell the tale. One set of data and workplace insights can already be very useful. However, the real value of data lies in a series of studies. Through benchmarking, you will compare your own results, past and recent, helping you to discover and understand performance within your own workplace.

The Measuremen Portal also offers the opportunity to compare and benchmark your own data against other organisations in different industries. This tool allows you the possibility to compare your workplace and meeting room occupancy and the chance to dive deeper into the benchmark possibilities by filtering per industry, organisation type and time period. We have the world’s largest set of workplace data and through the Measuremen Portal, you can get access to a unique database in order to compare and evaluate your data versus your peers.


The Measuremen Portal offers the possibility to collaborate between teams and departments using a team license. This enables managers within different departments to filter and dive deep into the data while keeping their own specific goals and needs in mind. Additionally, the preconfigured dashboards make it easy to share and analyze data between colleagues and between departments. This supports the adoption and accelerates the process of, helping each other to foster an improved workplace strategy. Through this, improved collaboration, more synergy and better engagement can be created between and among employees.

This concludes the Business Intelligence series on the Measuremen Portal top features. The powerful business tool has so much to offer you to help you get the most optimal workplace environment with the possibility to access extensive insights. Your ideal workplace is closer than you think with the Measuremen Portal; send us an email to book a demo if you are interested!

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