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FAQ – Workplace Asset Inventories

1. Before a study

1a. Why is a Workplace Asset Inventory conducted?

This is possible for various reasons. The first reason could be to know how much furniture there is in the building. Another reason is because of a circular economy within the organisation. A third reason could be to find out what the general optical condition is of the inventory. But also to lay the foundation for a possible multi-year maintenance plan (MJOP).

1b. Which inventory can be registered?

Everything can be measured, but we use a standard basic inventory (chairs, tables, and cupboards). This can be extended to coffee mugs as we speak. Subsequently, features such as color, brand, model, location in the building, and size can be included.

1c. What does a Workplace Asset Inventory look like?

After an agreement between you and Measuremen about the measurements, numbers, days, we send a team of well-trained observers, led by a dedicated project coordinator, to register each object in your work environment.

1d. How long does a Workplace Asset Inventory last?

It depends on the size of the building and the estimated numbers in advance. On average a Workplace Asset Inventory takes five-ten working days.

1e. Which elements should I provide prior to the quotation?

A map and the space list.

1f. How are the observers trained for a Workplace Asset Inventory?

The observers are informed in advance with information relating to the building and the inventory.

1g. Can I approach an observer if I have a question regarding the Workplace Asset Inventory?

No. In order to experience the least possible hindrance during the execution of his/her work, it is recommended to not approach observers. If you have any questions regarding the study we suggest you to contact the project coordinator.

2. During a study

2a. What is my role during a Workplace Asset Inventory?

It is important that the Workplace Asset Inventory is well announced within your organisation in advance.

2b. Can I arrange a relocation during the inventory?

Rather not. If it’s necessary for your organisation, then it is important to do this in close consultation with the project coordinator.

2c. How can I recognise the Measuremen observers?

All of our observers will be easy to recognise by the blue Measuremen badge that they will be wearing.

2d. Why are all the observers on their mobile phones during a Workplace Asset Inventory?

All our observers can register their observations via their mobile.

3. After a study

3a. What are you going to do with the insights and results of the Workplace Asset Inventory?

All the insights and results will be stored in an Excel file.

3b. When can I expect to have access to the insights?

After five working days, you will receive the Excel file.

3c. Are the insights also discussed with me?

Yes. It is possible to schedule a meeting where the insights will be discussed.

3d. What can Measuremen mean after an inventory?

To secure a mutated inventory.

3e. know someone who can work as an observer, where can they apply for a job?

All information regarding jobs at Measuremen can be found here.

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